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WaiOra Wellbeing Offerings

Wellbeing Wanders

When was the last time you walked barefoot on the earth, lay back and watched the clouds go by or sat alone on top of a sand dune and simply listened to the ocean?

Does this sound like something you need more of in your life?

Learn the Art of slowing down through Sensory immersion in Nature, inspired by Shinrin-yoku the Japanese Wellbeing practise of Forest Bathing. ​

Other Wanderings

WaiOra Wellbeing also offers you more ways to recharge and nurture yourself.

Give yourself the reconnection experience you deserve and

treat yourself to an island getaway in our Homestay accommodation on one of the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand. 

Enjoy a personal eco-therapy consultation with First Light Flower  Essences of NZ, or deepen your nature connection practice through my mentoring program and feel the difference in your life.


Wellbeing Wanders

Vicky Kyan


My name is Vicky Kyan and I am a certified Nature and Forest Therapy guide, mentor and trainer. I am a Nature lover with a passion for connection and supporting others. ​

I offer 'Wellbeing Wanders' on Great Barrier Island, in Auckland and around New Zealand.

I also mentor and train new Nature and Forest Therapy guides as part of a global team working to promote this Nature reconnection work around the globe.


Step - by - Step



WaiOra Wellbeing offers  Nature connection seasonal  events and themed workshops throughout the year.

My passion for Nature and Community connection combine together with the offering of a variety of events and collaborative workshops with other local and international practitioners from Aotearoa and around the world.

—  Wander participant, Medlands Beach —

“When participating in WaiOra, be open to what you feel and experience on every level.
For me it touched all aspects of my being. It was deeply profound and experiential.” 

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