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WaiOra Flower Essence Therapy

Plant Spirit Medicine

With over 30 years practice in 'hands on' and Nature-based healing modalities, Holistic coaching and Mentoring, Vicky has extensive experience in the field of Wellbeing including 25 years working with vibrational plant medicine in the form of Plant and Flower Essences.

Personal Consultations
Living in the 21st century has created unprecedented pressure and stress as the world attempts to adapt to a life that is becoming increasingly busy and more polluted in every way.

Using 100% native First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand ®, Vicky creates personalised blends that gently and powerfully provide insight and support at a physical emotional mental and spiritual level through all life’s ups and downs and the many challenges that are presented to us on a daily basis.

Vicky brings a gift of listening and the art of holding ‘sacred space’ that allows her clients to discover their own insights and revelations in order to find balance, equilibrium and a way forwards. These are supported by the healing powers of the Flower and Plant Essence blends offered during a 1:1 consultation that takes about 1.5 hrs.


The remedies are generally taken for a one month period, during which time further insights are often revealed and the presenting issue usually resolved.

Vicky also offers Skype or Zoom consultations and can post remedies anywhere in the world

Book in for a 1:1 WaiOra Flower Essence consultation with Mother Nature's healing treasures.

Prices - from $120 (includes x1 personalised remedy blend). 

'Ready to Go' Plant remedies sent to your home

A full range of First Light Natural Health ® 

'Ready to Go' native NZ Emotional and Crises support plant remedies are also available for everyday holistic support and wellbeing.


Crisis support (emergency 'rescue' blend),

De-Stress Support (anxiety and panic attacks, stress), Travel Support (jetlag and travel sickness),

Sleep Support (restless sleep and nightmares),

plus a whole range for the family from

Mother Support and Peaceful Baby to

Calm Kidz and Confident Teenz,

Grief Support, Aura Support.... and many more!

Prices - $35 each per spray and dropper bottles + postage.

Please enquire via email or phone for personal attention so Vicky can offer you the best support.
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