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Training and Mentoring Offerings

"Go to the forests, the fields, the deserts, the mountains, find strange and beautiful beings, make intimate relationships with them and hold their medicine as close as you would the hidden pleasures a lover's body brings" 
   - Green Man Ramblings -

Vicky is a qualified Holistic life coach and has worked in the field of mentoring and youth services for many years. She now offers her services to those wishing to deepen their personal Nature connection practices through 1:1 and group sessions via online platforms and phone.


As a member of a team working with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides ( she mentors and supports guides on the training pathway.

Vicky is the first member of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides' International training team in the Southern Hemisphere. She is dedicated to helping spread this practice around the world with Nature and Forest Therapy’s  leading Global training provider.

Check workshops & events for Forest Therapy Guide trainings in Australasia. Or click the button below to find out more about becoming a guide on the NFTG website. 

Become a Nature and Forest Therapy Guide
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