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What to expect?

"To bathe in the forest is to be immersed in a grace that permeates the world, to feel an immanent power and beauty that is everywhere, whispering "
 - M. Amos Clifford - 'Your Guide to Forest Bathing'
What is a typical Wander like?

My Wanders usually last approximately 2-3 hours and are often well under 1 km. They take place in a variety of natural surroundings from beach to bush to gardens and more, and at different times of the day or night for the more adventurous. This will depend upon weather, tides and seasons and also your preferred option.


Along the way I offer a variety of invitations to help you slow down and connect with Nature, with a focus on finding pleasure in the present moment through sensory and embodied experiences.

It is creative and playful, mindful and deeply connecting for many people, and feels both new yet entirely familiar.

We have the chance to share our stories at intervals and finish with a simple Tea Ceremony using plants and herbs gathered along the way.

What do I need to bring?

Sunhat, sunscreen, a bottle of water, light snacks if required (supplied also at Tea Ceremony), suitable shoes and clothing for the weather, rain jacket, small day pack.

If you would like to get an impression of what a Wellbeing Wander may be like please check out our video

Health and Wellbeing benefits

  • Lower heart rate > Reducing blood pressure

  • Lower cortisol levels > Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Increased endorphins > Improving mood

  • Higher T and NK cell activity > Increasing immunity

  • Increased energy levels > Improving recovery from illness and fatigue

  • Increased focus > Extending attention spans

  • Improved creativity > Developing imagination and thinking skills

  • Increased Alpha Brain waves > Improving sleep and relaxation


There is much research to substantiate this, see Resources for more information and good reads.

Or book your Wellbeing Wander now to experience the benefits yourself!